Why we like Understand So much !!

scitools Understand helps people with code. It enables the full team to perform better, faster and cheaper. If you are ...

  • A development manager that wants to keep track of progress,
  • A product manager that wants to evaluate work efforts,
  • A newbie developer that needs to learn quickly,
  • A seasoned developer that needs to pass knowledge to others,
  • A troubleshooter that wants to resolve existing issues,
  • A QA engineer that wonders where to test,
  • A Certification engineer that needs to document architectures,
  • A DevOps operator that need to automate tasks at the code level,
  • A process analyst wishing to meet certain coding standards,

... Understand will be a tool for you.

Understand is a "gem" for a single developer, but added to a full team, it is the simplest and most efficient way to discuss efficiently and accurately your most precious asset: Your Code.

My take: it's a "safe deposit box for your team knowledge".

Understand is easy to use, to share, to learn from, and your team "know-how"s will no more erode over time, because documented knowledge can now update at the same speed your code evolves.

 The developer perspective...

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